All Reading u3a face to face activities are cancelled until further notice. Members are welcome to join virtual on-line activities which are taking place using Zoom see latest newsletter.

The spread of the new Coronavirus is a great challenge to all of us but particularly to the age group of most of our members. The most important advice is: if you have any symptoms such as new cough or fever please stay at home, rest, drink plenty of fluids and contact 111 if the symptoms worsen.

Keep an eye on our website ( for updates.

Be aware that there is a lot of misinformation circulating on the web and in particular in some social media posts.  Make sure that the information you are viewing on the web is from a genuine and reliable source.

Click here for Government information on COVID-19 and what you need to do


Go to Reading Borough Council Council Covid Pages


Computer Scams

Our Computer Group convenor has made us aware of scam emails about the Coronavirus that purport to come from official organisations like WHO (World Health Organisation), HMRC, etc which ask you to click on links. These links will either take you to phishing websites that will extract your personal and/or banking details, or download malicious software. Never trust what you are told in an email without separately confirming it (but not through any information in the email) and definitely do not click on any links. More information can be found here


Download Advice Sheet on Scams from Reading Borough Council